Proud to be AIRAH

Proud to be AIRAH

Joe Biviano, M.AIRAH, may have left behind the hurly-burly of the workaday world, but he’s still a loyal member of the Institute.


I’m retired, and enjoying doing the things that I always wanted to do but never had the time. My wife Giulia and I are self-funded retirees and manage our super fund. It is not an easy job, I can tell you that much.  


I am still a passionate engineer. I enjoy reading the Ecolibrium magazine. And I spend a considerable amount of time in my workshop.  

I also enjoy searching YouTube for good music and for information about space travel exploration.   

Finest professional hour? 

To design, build and test a prototype portable baby incubator. It  was the  first ever designed and produced in Australia.  

Important lessons learnt  

It requires absolute honesty and hard work to achieve the dream. 

Whom do you most admire? 

My Uncle Bartolo. When I was 11 years old, he told me how important it was to go to school to learn and be prepared for my future.   

Dream sabbatical 

I actually was able to experience my dream sabbatical. I dreamt it, and it became real. I spent two years in Europe and the USA, and returned to Europe six times. On two occasions I visited leading research institutions. And I travelled to many parts of Australia too. 

For me success is the reward for hard work. The more I tried, the more reward I got 

Do you have a motto? 

Get the job done, and do it well.  

What has been your greatest personal achievement? 

To pass the subject “Matriculation English Expression” without having primary or secondary English classes.  

Favourite book 

Burke and Wills by Peter FitzSimons  

Favourite film 

The Godfather trilogy  

Favourite website 


How would you describe yourself? 

Simple, reserved and a hard worker. I’m a family man, with wife Giulia, four sons – all married, four daughters-in-laws, and nine grandchildren.  

Define success 

For me success is the reward for hard work. The more I tried, the more reward I got.  

What does AIRAH membership mean to you? 

I am very proud and privileged to have been a member of AIRAH, and Victorian division president for 18 months. 

Through AIRAH I have met the finest and best engineers and technicians in the refrigeration, heating ventilation and air conditioning industry.  

I have spent all my working life in the industry, and AIRAH has been the focal point for information and contacts. Where would the industry be without AIRAH and Ecolibrium?!  

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