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Adelaide-based Michael Riese, M.AIRAH, has joined the AIRAH board. 

Following a vote at the Institute’s annual Convention, Dr Michael Riese, M.AIRAH, has officially joined AIRAH’s national board. 

Originally from Germany and now based in Adelaide, Riese works for industrial and commercial refrigeration specialist Cold Logic, where he leads the Defence Division and is also responsible for Cold Logic’s R&D effort. 

New talents, voices 

AIRAH President Paul Jackson, F.AIRAH, says it is important for an organisation’s national board to regularly add new voices, talents and perspectives, which the inclusion of Riese brings. 

“We congratulate Michael on his appointment to the AIRAH national board, and look forward to working closely with him as we set the organisation’s strategic direction over the coming years,” Jackson says. 

“Michael’s skill-set and areas of interest nicely complement those of the existing directors, so we are delighted to welcome him on board. We also thank Liza Taylor, M.AIRAH, who completes her term at the end of May, for her enthusiasm, strategic insight, and tireless work on the board over the past six years.” 

Joining Jackson and Riese as AIRAH board directors are Bryon Price, F.AIRAH; Ura Sarfejoo, M.AIRAH; Mikaila Ganado, M.AIRAH; and Chris Stamatis, M.AIRAH. 

“I am happy that we will now have a dedicated voice for industrial, natural and large commercial refrigeration” 

From Germany to Wales, and then to SA 

After completing his initial trade qualifications in Germany, Riese moved to Cardiff, Wales, to undertake his engineering degree. He subsequently moved to Australia to complete a PhD in experimental fluid dynamics. 

Since leaving research in 2007, Riese has consulted in the defence industry, managed the construction of Southeast Asia’s second largest wind tunnel, and worked as the principal engineer and business development manager for a company in the sheet metal fabrication industry. He also taught product development and operations management at the University of Adelaide for close to a decade. 

Riese has been with Cold Logic since 2013. 

A great honour 

“It is a great honour to have gained the trust of my fellow associate directors to garner their vote,” Riese says of his AIRAH board appointment. “I am happy that we will now have a dedicated voice for industrial, natural and large commercial refrigeration back within the steering group of AIRAH.” 

Riese aims to bring dedication, passion, and a high level of analytical, systems and problem-solving expertise to his AIRAH board directorship. 

His objective while serving on the AIRAH board? 

“To ensure that the small but vital sector of industrial, natural and large-scale commercial refrigeration has a seat at the table,” Riese says. 

The new-look AIRAH board will work with AIRAH CEO Trish Hyde to shape the 103-year-old Institute’s strategic direction. 


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